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We sell robot kits, micro-controllers, Project Boards, programmers (EEPROM Burners, in system, JTAG debuggers, etc) and parts. Take a look at our products menu, and products catalog. Download our INEX catalog here.
Contact us - Phone (02) 9983-0308.

Out of stock means we still sell them, but we sold them all and the replacements will be part of a bigger order we are getting in. As soon as we discontinue a line we remove it from our site. Ask us and we can prioritize orders to get Out of stock items in usually less than one to two weeks.

Featured Product - RoboBox

Things you do with RoboBox..
  • Compact-bot The first basic bumper based robot
  • Light-bot 3 wheeled robot that detects and follows light sources
  • Picotank-bot Small track based Robot that tracks lines
  • Sumotank-bot Track based Robot for sumo competitions
  • Sumopact-bot Wheel based Robot for sumo competitions

Programming Robo-BOX 3.0 is very easy. Beginners can start with the graphic based iconic software called LOGO BLOCKS or use Text based programming in Cricket Logo..

For more information: Check out the RoboBox page.

Only $149.95 $99.95
I paid more than that for a microcontroller board alone!
- Actual Customer

Here is some YouTube video of the RoboBox in action!

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