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October 21, 2009

La vie en stereo.

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I have a pair of “Cyrstal Eyes” 3D shutter glasses and a transmitter box hooked up to my dual CPU SGI Octane with 8Gb of RAM.  The shutter glasses produce the same kind of popping out of the screen images that are making a come back at the cinema. I had some one over the other day. Do you have any vision problems I asked. No, just colour blindness he said. Ok, put these on and check this out… I can see it coming out of the screen he says. Then he takes the glasses off. Bang instant dizziness, nausea, headaches. I am used to them. The mistake was take the glasses off too quickly on a day that was too bright and sunny. It wasn’t a ruse to send people home. No really.

Now for some Stereographics programming. Follow it under the Stereographics category.

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