A step-by-step guide for developing bada apps and getting apps into Samsung's bada app store.

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In brief

Core book info

The bada 2.0 SDK enables hobbyists, professionals and independent app developers to easily create professional looking apps. It gives you the power to bring your creations to life on Samsung Wave and WaveII phones. But before you give life to your creativity with the bada 2.0 SDK, you need to gain a solid understanding of bada APIs and general bada development concepts.

Brief description
This book covers both the concepts and the implementations necessary to get you started on bringing your own creations to life with bada. It presents basic concepts in each chapter, building to more challenging and technical topics as the book prgresses. Each chapter introduces fundamental concepts and techniques to build a solid foundation for your own ideas and creativity.

Detailed description
Rather than a dry cut and paste of API descriptions, lifted directly from the online help, this book details the techniques and skills required in creation of bada apps, from hands on experience, in assisting Samsung's partners with technical support and creating bada versions of existing phone apps that work with web services. It tells you how and why (or sometimes how or why not) to do things, not just providing dry parameter lists and API method names. Beginning with the developer and app store registration process and the basics of drawing pixels of a snake game to the screen, the book then incrementally introduces forms, sensors, network programming, social apps, debugging techniques, finish-off and optimizing an app, then advanced topics such as an introduction to OpenGL ES, ARM assembler and NEON. By the end of the book, you will have a solid foundation of bada app development concepts and techniques as well as working sample apps to extend and innovate upon. You will have the knowledge necessary to create apps that you can complete without an army of fellow apps developers at your back.

What you will learn

Regsiter and create profiles on the Samsung developer site and the Samsung spp store site. Learn about app signing and create app manifests. Build Samsung basic bada C++ app projects. Create forms and user interfaces. Pull down live data feeds from web services into your phone app using JSON and XML. Learning about providing social networking services directly on the phone. Learning about network programming, sensors and fun things unique to phone development. Learning tricks and techniques for debugging, optimizing and finishing-off apps to a high level of professionalism. Gain a foot hold on advanced topics such as ARM assembler, NEON SIMD instructions and what is under the hood of the bada 2.0 SDK. Common mistakes developers from other mobile device platforms often fall into.

Who this book is written for

If you are an aspiring app developer who wants to apps for the Samsung bada 2.0 platform, then this book is for you. Using this book, you can get started with creating apps without any phone app development experience. A good knowledge of C and basic knowledge of C++ would be helpful to kickstart your app development, but it's not essential. In some ways advanced C++ features such as C++ exception handling are avoided in bada apps at Samsungs recommendation.

Style and approach

This book is a step-by-step tutorial that includes complete source code for all of the apps covered. It adopts an engaging style to teach all the game development concepts. Each block of code is explained, and app development concepts are diagrammed and covered in detail. Each app begins with a concept description and concludes with suggestions for expanding on the finished app.