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November 2, 2009

I am not complaining…

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I am covering for someone who has decided to go backpacking, its a 10 week assignment. ISAM was cool in the 1980s, global variables in libraries that are used in every program never were. Its not really rocket science, wrap some SOAP code around a primative XML-RPC like program for interfacing with a SAP system, write a program convert data from a CSV file into ISAM and make some Oracle Pro*C calls, create a new ISAM file and extend the XML over a socket program for a few new tags. There is various bits of work on SCO UNIX and Linux.

There are no test machines. Whoever wrote the makefiles were probably on something illegal at the time. Global variables and magic numbers are the norm. Clients expect programs written while being dictated over the phone. So I am on the phone having them dictate requirements, writing code and testing as the root user on production machines using live business critical data while they change their minds back and forth. Its just like juggling a running chainsaw, a live hand grenade and a very angry feral cat. I am not complaining. Its fun, its an adventure. Any keystroke can bring the whole business down. Its wild, its a roller coaster ride, and everyday when you walk out and think wow, nothing exploded I should really buy a lottery ticket, and no one will ever believe this..

Between the 1980s flash backs, LSD trip coding style, and worlds worst practices; I am trying really hard to keep a straight face.

The guilty parties have not been identified, I will try not to laugh hesterically until after the 10 weeks is up.

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