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December 23, 2016

An intriguing colleague

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I worked somewhere, a company, a large stock exchange listed company.

Applying for and securing a job in this company was not difficult. I guess that should have raised a flag immediately. I was brought in to maintain a relatively small list of bugs.

I was interviewed by a developer and a CTO/CIO/IT Manager/whatever title you want.

Now it turns out that much later on I was able to put together the following picture:

The CIO knew nothing about technology but was a ‘people person’, okay not that strange. They lasted about a week.
The developer, engaged in very strange behavior and quit at the end of the contract and then came back as a ‘vendor’: Stood up one day and stated that they were a vendor and not just turning up and doing work like the rest of us. Okay, a little odd, but anyway. Turns out this developer had an ‘offshore team’ in south east Asia, they charged for their own time and the supposed cast of 20 developers. They charged a six figure sum for these offshore developers. Much later I go to a contractors Christmas party and a recruiter informs me that this developer was on $1,000 per day at another organisation at the same time as collecting a wage and charging for this useless offshore team. The project was worse than the original version it was meant to replace, crashed on start up, full of bugs, and was an non-maintainable disaster, the project manager came under fire for the project and this developer walked away with very large amounts of money.

In the meantime, I fixed a few bugs and begged people to test my changes and for someone to review my code.

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